11mm F2.8 Fisheye Lens

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Unique 180° wide angle

The expansive field of view and distinct fisheye look is characterized by immense depth of field along with strong distortion for creating very striking and dynamic imagery. The wide-angle design is also complemented by a bright f/2.8 maximum aperture, to suit working in available lighting conditions

Closest Focusing Distance of 0.17m

The lens's manual focus design permits working with subjects as close as 0.17m away, which broadens the possibilities of the subject and makes the picture appealing.

Built-in Lens Hood

Built-in petal-shaped lens hood that helps to block stray light from causing lens flare and also offers some physical protection to the front of the lens.

New mounts: Nikon Z, Sigma/Lumix/Leica L, Canon EOS-R, Sony E.

Fisheye lenses with different mounts can be adapted to all major brands of mirrorless cameras. 



Focal length: 11mm


Closest focusing distance: 0.17m


Frame: Full Frame


Filter size: no support


Angle of view: 180°


Weight: around 439g



Maximum aperture: F2.8


Minimum aperture: F16


Diaphragm Blades:7pcs


Optical Design: 11 Elements in 7 Groups


Focus method: Manual


Lens Type :  For mirrorless camera



11mm F2.8 fisheye lens can be used on these cameras:

Sony E-mount

A7、A7ll(A7M2)、A7lll(A7M3)、A7lll(A7M4)、A7R、A7Rll(A7RM2)  、A7Rlll(A7RM3)  、A7RlV(A7RM4)、A7RV(A7RM5)、A7S、A7SII(A7SM2) 、A7SIII(A7SM3)、A7C、A9

Nikon Z-mount


Canon R-mount

EOS R、RP、R5、R5C、R6、R6ii、R3


Panasonic  S1/S1M/S1R/S1RM/S1H/S1K/S5/S5K/S5C

Sigma FP、FPL

Leica SL、SL2、SL2-S

Fuji GFX-mount

GFX 50R 、GFX 50S GFX 100 GFX 100S

Leica M-mount

M2、M3、M4、M5、M6、M7、M8、M9、M9P、M10、M262、M240  M240P、M11

Canon EF-mount

EOS-1D X Mark III、EOS 5D Mark IV、EOS 6D Mark IV and other full frame camera.

Nikon F-mount

D6、D5、Df、D850、D810A、D810、D780、D750、D610 and other full frame camera.