TTArtisan 50mm F1.4 ASPH.


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50mm F1.4——Design for High Resolution Cameras

Capture every detail in your photography.

The excellent optical design and the special lenses make it more outstanding in photography, fine detail resolution show you a more real world. It can  meet the use of cameras up to 60MP, discover its potential with your high resolution cameras.

F1.4 large aperture, enjoy the dreamy background blur.

The fantastic effect of large aperture bring you great enjoyment to vision. Beautiful bokeh bring you peculiar photography experience.

Low light, no problem.

With F1.4 large aperture,more light is allowed to enter the camera, which help to shoot correct exposure and high definition images.

50mm Standard focal length

50mm is standard focal length which is a good choice for portrait photography, neither much distortion nor compress frame space. In addition, it perform well in small objects photography, large aperture boost creative space.

Comfort touch

Small size, pick it please, when you go out for photography.

Click Aperture

The aperture ring is stepped with the right amount of resistance and click, marking on full stops from f/1.4 to f/16.

Smooth Focus Ring

lens Specification

  Focal length

  50mm  Maximum aperture  F1.4

  Closest focusing distance

  0.5m  Minimum aperture  F16


  Full Frame  Diaphragm Blades  12psc

  Filter size

  49mm  Optical Design  10 Elements in 8 Groups


  Angle of view

  45°  Focus method  Manual



  around 429~457g  Lens Type  For mirrorless camera

50mm F1.4 Lens can be used on the following cameras:


A7、A7Ⅱ(A7M2)、A7Ⅲ (A7M3)  、A7R、A7RⅡ(A7RM2)、A7RⅢ(A7RM3)、A7RⅣ(A7M4)、A7S、A7SⅡ(A7SM2)、A7SⅢ(A7SM3)、A9、A7C






Panasonic S1、S1R、S1H | Sigma FP | Leica T、TL、SL、CL、TL2

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