M 35mm F1.4 ASPH

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Sam­ples Pictures

Eye of The Humanities, Suitable for Documentary

35mm is the favorite focal length for documentary/street photography. It has neither the exaggeration of 28mm nor the mediocrity of 50mm. So it can integrate more elements into the picture and enhance the atmosphere of the picture

Removable Lens Hood

Supplied with a square metal hood, threaded light reduction structure, one corner of the hood is hollowed out, it will not block the image of the optical viewfinder when using the range finder.

Focus Wrench

Providing with a metal focus wrench, greatly improves the handling when focus via rangefinder.

Large Aperture of F1.4

Fast f/1.4 maximum aperture benefits working in low-light conditions and also enables greater control over depth of field.

There are two versions of 35mm f1.4 lens:  ●Black standard edition ●Silver standard edition



Focal length: 35mm


Closest focusing distance: 0.7m


Frame: Full Frame


Filter size: 49mm


Angle of view: 63°


Weight: around 410g



Maximum aperture: F1.4


Minimum aperture: F16


Diaphragm Blades:10pcs


Optical Design: 8 Elements in 7 Groups


Focus method: manual


Lens Type :  For mirrorless camera




M 35mm F1.4 lens can be used on the following cameras:


M2、M3、M4、M5、 M6、M7、M8、M9、M9P、M10、M262、 M240、M240P、M10P、M10M、M10R

Sony(Need adapter M-E)

A7、A7Ⅱ(A7M2)、A7Ⅲ (A7M3)  、A7R、A7RⅡ(A7RM2)、A7RⅢ(A7RM3)、A7RⅣ(A7M4)、A7S、A7SⅡ(A7SM2)、A7SⅢ(A7SM3)、A9、A7C

Nikon(Need adapter M-Z)


Canon(Need adapter M-R)


Fuji(Need adapter M-GFX)

GFX100、GFX 50S、GFX 50R、GFX100S

L system(Need adapter M-L)

Panasonic S1、S1R、S1H

Sigma FP

Leica T、TL、SL、CL、TL2

HASSELBLAD(Need adapter M-X1D)